Horizontal Page View in InDesign’s Pages Panel

Horizontal Page View in InDesign’s Pages Panel

20th June 2019 | InDesign, Quick Tip

Sometimes you find a setting that just seems so natural to use. Once I discovered the possibility of arranging pages horizontally in InDesign’s Pages panel, it quickly became my preferred page view option.

Here’s the typical vertical arrangement. You may find that after adding a handful of pages to the document, you will then while away hours scrolling up and down the Pages panel.

The default vertical arrangement of icons in InDesign's Pages panel.
The vertical arrangement of icons in the Pages panel will often result in use of the scroll-bar on the right side of the panel.

An alternative arrangement

To painlessly switch to an alternate view simply open the Pages panel menu (in the top-right corner of the panel) and choose Page View > Horizontal. Now you’ll be able to view more pages without needing to scroll.

Using the Pages panel menu to rearrange the icon layout.
Rearrange the icons in the Pages panel by choosing View Pages > Horizontally from the panel menu.
InDesign pages panel showing pages arranged horizontally.
The Pages panel is not filled to the full width with thumbnail icons.

Additional organisation options

And if you have a long document containing distinct sections, you may like to colour-code the pages – this can also be achieved in the Pages panel menu. First select the pages you wish to label, then from the Pages panel menu, choose Page Attributes > Colour Label and choose your preferred label colour.

Adding a label colour to pages.
A selection of preset colours are available to colour-code pages in the Pages panel.
A view of colour-coded icons in the Pages panel.
The ability to colour-code pages may prove useful in longer documents containing appendices or other distinct sections.

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