Photoshop’s Multi-Use Zoom Shortcut

Photoshop has far more shortcuts than I am able to remember. Doing the keyboard finger-dance isn’t my forte either, but for all that I still like shortcuts – especially the easy ones!

For me, they’re the ones that involve just the Ctrl/Cmd key (depending upon Window/Mac platform) plus just one other alphanumeric character. Of course, Ctrl/Cmd + Z is used more often on my machine than I’d like, but there are others. This shortcut is one of my favourites as it comes in handy in a couple of ways.

Style specific words using Find/Change

Ever had the need, or even inkling, to format particular words within a document so that they are styled differently from the main text? Not sure? Maybe think of brand names recurring within a brochure; or a book title that is referenced multiple times throughout a paper and your client/boss asks you to highlight those […]

Pathfinder functions placeholder

Illustrator Essentials #1 – Pathfinder Functions

Drawing using Illustrator’s shape tools is a fundamental step to set about creating your own graphics. Combining shapes together to create new shapes opens a vast vector landscape full of possibilities for generating custom artwork. We can combine shapes using either the Pathfinder panel or the Shape Builder tool and to give you a sense […]